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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall's a coming

Sorry that we haven't posted in a bit. We lost our camera and we're good at writing captions and letting the picture tell the story but not so great at telling that story with words. Just business as usual here. Been to the farmer's market each weekend and doing well with it. It' a good feeling to sell out of stuff and then think of all the people out there enjoying the food we worked so hard to make. The chickens are fully grown and getting ready to start laying. How do you tell a rooster to shut up? 'Bout ready to put an add in the paper that says: "Free rooster to ANY home. Cute." Whats your favorite part of summer? Our is the fresh fruit! Melons, pears, berries, and peaches are in right now and what a year for them! We had our first frost this past week on August 24th. That puts our frost free period at 61 days this year. Not much was affected by it. Lost the pumpkins and some squash. Well gotta run but we'll try to get some pictures up just as soon as we can get a new camera. Peace in the Middle East!

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  1. That is an early frost! I expect one any day now here. It almost seems like a relief when it hits.


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