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Monday, February 27, 2012

Polyface Farms

More pictures from our fall road trip. After visiting family in Wisconsin, we headed south and east through Indiana and Kentucky.

Natural Bridge Kentucky
Breaks Interstate Park. The deepest canyon east of the Mississippi. Right on the border of Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia.
Took a drive around the crooked road.
Including stops at the Dr. Ralph Stanley Museum, the Carter Family's Old Home Place, and the Bristol Country Music Museum.And stopping at every civil war site we saw.That brought us into the Shenandoah Valley.For a visit to Polyface Farms and a tour with "High Priest of the Pasture" Joel Salatin.

The closely choreographed dance of species in his mob stocking herbivorous solar conversion lignified carbon sequestration fertilization system is truly inspiring. Here in a forested pork finishing glen he explains that "our duty as stewards of the earth is to massage the ecosystem to sequester more carbon than it would in it's natural state."
Out on the pasture cattle are "mob stocked" through daily paddock moves. Giving them only fully grown pasture and only as much as they can eat in a single day.

After a couple week's rest the beefs are followed by the millennium feathernet. A portable hen house. this duplicates nature's pattern of the bird on the rhino's horn. The bird follows the herbivore.
Pastured poultry shelters move across a field. giving broilers a fresh salad bar each day.
Portable turkey roost/shelter.
Heritage piglets will soon be moved to pasture.Next seasons egg layers in the brooder house.
Piglets, chickens, and rabbits will share a hoop house for the winter.

The season's last batch of broilers being processed. His operation has so many more intricacies that I couldn't begin to explain them all but you should get the gist. Having read his books it was really cool to see in action.

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