Market Gardening and Life at 7000 ft. in the Rockies of Colorado

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wrap it up

Well, sorry to have broken my promise to blog more this summer. I've got a list of excuses. First off: no camera. We had a torrential rain in early July, two and a half inches in two hours. During the storm, as I was running around in full panic mode, the camera got wet and well, no camera now. It's been a crazy summer. The drought has had us working twice as hard to get things to grow. If only there were more hours in the day! Our CSA was a success. We managed to make it go despite the conditions. Cleaned up at the county fair. 24 blue ribbons. Worst predator year ever. We've battled fox, coyote, bear, skunk, racoons. How I managed to have any birds survive is a wonder. Tilling up a little new ground this week and processing the last of the meat birds. Putting the finishing touches on the egg mobile. I guess that's about it... I mean, as you can imagine there's a lot more but you can fill in the blanks. Gotta go, lots to do.

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