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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ubaldo Jimenez

If you are a baseball fan you may be aware of the rare talent that is on the mound in Colorado, Ubaldo Jimenez. With a fastball ranging from 95-101(fastest in the bigs) mph that he can throw with sink or run, a nasty breaking ball, an impossible to lay off of slider, and a change up that still breaks 90, he is undoubtedly the the best pitcher in the game right now. After last night's win over the the Padres, giving up just one run with thirteen strikeouts and an r.b.i. single, he leads the major leagues with a 0.79 e.r.a. and six wins. Oh yeah and don't forget the no-hitter vs. the Braves on April 17th. Even if your not a baseball fan it is worth the price of admission to see this guy throw. He really is once in a generation talent, think Cy Young, Nolan Ryan, and Randy Johnson. If the Rockies are in your neck of the woods and Jimenez is slated to start, get down to the ballpark.

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