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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dry and Breezy with a Chance of Summer

Has been awfully dry and breezy in these parts for the last while.

Well sure am sorry not to have posted in a while but working full time and starting an organic farm doesn't leave a whole lot of time for chit chat. Gains are sprouting.
onions are planted. All 2500 of them!
carrots are up.
Potatoes are in.
Working out the wrinkles in the new ditches.Out back things are starting to pop.Early broccoli loving the out of doors.Lettuce peas and radishes sharing a row.Freshly watered rows of greens.Remember the fallen. Building walls for the flat bed.Chickens are fully feathered and enjoyin the sunshine.
Dig dirt all weekend in the garden and then go to work and dig dirt all week. trail work is always fun. More to follow.

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  1. Wow. 2500 onions. Now that's a lot! I hope your crops do well this summer. Are you getting loads of rain? We are pretty drenched right now. Thanks for stopping by Dung Hoe.


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